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digital-tech-tips Blog will be an open noise hub for information technology. Therefore, the following rules and regulations have been put in place to maintain the environment of the blog without following the usual rules:

Documents (Post) / Comment Rules

1. Abandon all forms of spamming, offtopic, provocation.

2. Creative, informative and quality blogs about technology will be predominant in the digital-tech-tips blog.

3. English.language will be predominant in the document, but technical terms can be written in English.

4. In addition to the self-written blog post, the post should publish the name of the real tech lover with the original link.

5. One or more parts of a blog post cannot be redirected to another link.

. The official site link will prevail for the download link.

. Posting for referral links or any other personal gain is prohibited.

. The digital-tech-tips Blog Authority reserves the right to make any changes / additions to complete the submitted writing standards.

Rules and regulations regarding change of rules and regulations

digital-tech-tips Blog Terms and Conditions digital-tech-tips Blog reserves the right to change, modify and enlarge part / complete as needed.

digital-tech-tips Blog reserves the right to remove or ban any tech lover at any time with or without prior notice for violating any one or more of the rules.

Help documents

Instructions: Must do before blog post

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Everybody on the site will hold their own remarks and post / content responsibility / copyright. The site administrator maintains whatever authority is needed to alter hurtful / deluding content in light of a legitimate concern for the local area.

We give a valiant effort to guarantee the greatest security of this site and all connected substance under its latent capacity. Everybody's participation in such manner is profoundly attractive.