What is freelancing? A to Z guidelines for freelancing
What is freelancing? A to Z guidelines for freelancing

What is freelancing? How do I do freelancing? A to Z guideline of freelancing. Freelancing is an English word which means freelance job. Freelancing means doing the work of more than one company or person at a time without working under one particular company and in return for which that company or person will pay you.

So let's not know what kind of service or service or what kind of work is done in freelancing.

Freelancing or outsourcing can be a variety of tasks such as-

Web design

Web development

Video editing

Search engine optimization

Graphics design

Data analysis

Data entry

Copy paste


Virtual Assistant

Music production

IT support

Complete guidelines for becoming a web developer.

In addition, there are many types of work, which a freelancer constantly earning thousands of dollars. Unemployment rate is being eliminated. Has become a new entrepreneur.

Let's not know how you can start your dream freelancing profession?

All you have to do is start freelancing. So keep reading the following articles a little better.

➤ First select what you want to do. Gain a good skill on that job. You can take the help of Google and YouTube to acquire your skills. Or you can go to an institution related to your work and take a course.

You don't just have to master the subject. At the same time you need to acquire good skills in English. Must understand English well, be able to speak and write. Freelancing is not limited to the country. You can work with people from any country in the world. And "English" is recognized as an international language, so acquire good skills in English.

I would like to point out one more thing, the manner of speaking to an outsider you must keep at a standard level. This means that the way you explain a subject to the buyer but the buyer does not understand that subject. So here it is understood that there is a gap in your understanding.

When you are sure that you have fulfilled these three requirements in the above few points, now you are in the marketplace. That means create accounts in world-wide or international marketplaces.

Some of the conditions for freelancing-

You must have a computer (desktop or laptop).

Must have internet connection with computer or laptop or desktop.

You have to have patience to work at night.

Must be able to read, understand, and speak English.

If you have a technical problem, you have to have the ability to find a solution by searching the internet

Of course I have to have a full idea of the service I am going to provide or know how to work well.

Where will I work?

In fact, you have learned the work with so much effort, now you can not think where to work, there is no reason to worry. Now you must know about Marketplace. They want to tell you in advance what you know about the marketplace in advance.

What is the popularity of the marketplace you are going to work in?

You must read the Privacy Policy Terms of Service of Marketplace.

So let's know the names of some popular marketplaces. I will also give the link with the names of the marketplaces. If you want, you can visit the marketplaces by clicking here.

Ver Fiverr (https://www.fiverr.com/)

Freelancer.com (https://www.freelancer.com/)

Upwork (https://www.upwork.com/)

People Per Hour (https://www.peopleperhour.com/)

99 designs (https://99designs.com/)

The few links or site names you see are all international marketplaces.

Here is the name and link of a Bangladeshi market place-

Shadhinkaj (https://shadhinkaj.com/)

Why Freelancing or Becoming a Freelancer?

Since freelancing is a free profession you can work like your time. However, the client's work must be submitted on time. And the biggest advantage is being able to do the job sitting at home. There is no boss gossip, no time to go to the office.

If you are unemployed after finishing your studies, your family will be in despair. So you can start freelancing to overcome their frustration. I can earn thousands of dollars sitting at home.

Maybe they have no future. You can use the skills you want to acquire later. Or you can give yourself guidelines on freelancing with an organization.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of freelancing?

So let's find out the benefits of freelancing.

Advantages of freelancing:

At present the government of Bangladesh has taken an initiative to officially recognize freelancers so you can get cooperation in various ways.

Since freelancing is a free profession, you can do things like your time. So today, there is no paragraph of boss in your work.

A freelancer can decide for himself how much work he can do. There is no one here to put pressure on you.

Since you can do unlimited work, you can earn unlimited dollars. You can build an office at home as you wish.

You can do this along with studying or any other work.

When you become a good and professional freelancer your skills on the job will be much higher then you will be able to determine the value of your time. This will allow you to specify how much you will charge per hour for a job.

Difficulties in freelancing:

The biggest problem with freelancing is that you can't always find work. However, those who do good work do not have a problem with their work, they continue to get work.

Now that the number of freelancers has increased, a competition has begun. You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business.

At the beginning of freelancing you can get a lower work rate, you have to work at night, so you may be at a loss.

Since freelancers work in different marketplaces, it is a little difficult to keep different buyers satisfied.

How can I get the dollars I earned by freelancing?

How do you get your hard-earned dollars out of your pocket? So let's not know how we can convert the earned dollars into Bangladeshi rupees and put them in our own pockets.

There are many ways, but the easiest way for me is to transfer money to a Bank Asia account.

That's why Bank Asia will open a bank account in your own name. Then you go to payoneer.com this site. Create an account here. Now you have to verify properly from your account.

Now if I talk about Fiber, who will transfer the dollars from Fiber to the bank, then I will go to Fiber, go to the Withdraw option, and connect the Pioneer account for the first time. Transfer any amount of money you want to withdraw to a bank account from here for free, there is no charge.

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