Answers to all questions about graphic design.
Answers to all questions about graphic design.

Answers to all questions about graphic design. Salamualaikum and the best hope for all visitors to other religions. You who want to learn graphic design or want to be a graphic designer, but there are a few questions in your mind that you don't get the right answer.

So let's find out some general questions about graphic design and the answer.

Answers to all questions about graphic design

Answers to all questions about graphic design

Below are the questions you will find after reading the full article:

What is a graphic design?

Which software is used for graphic design?
Learn web design, or graphic design?
How many monthly income from graphic designers?
What experience do you need to learn graphic design from scratch?
How long does it take to study graphic design?
How do I learn graphic design online?

1. What is a graphic design?

The graph is a Greek word which means "drawing knowledge" and design means design. So it can be said that the work of designing something with a computer is called graphic design. And those who design something with a computer called graphic designers. If we want to give a graphic design example, it can be said that the posters of the election, Mahfils Tafsir poster, book cover page, different company logos, wallpapers etc. All are designed by graphic designers.

2. Which software is used for graphic design?

Basically the two most widely used software in graphic design. And these two software are on the first list of graphic designer choices.

Adobe Photoshop.
Adobe Illustrator.

There are also some popular software. If you know how it works from some of these software well, I hope you can make good income online or offline.

Adobe in design
Adobe After Effects.

3. Learn web design, or graphics design?

Now the question is will you learn graphic design or web design? There is a demand for graphic design as well as web designer at present. Graphic design in marketplaces says webdesign says there is a good demand for these types of work.

It is better to say that the job you want to learn is to be able to learn the work of a completely professional quality. If you like drawing, I tell you to spend time on graphics design.

The software used in graphics design does not require any kind of programming knowledge. So you can do all the awesome graphics using all those software without any hassle.

On the other hand, if you want to learn programming, that is, web design, you have to learn many things together. HTML, CSA, JavaScript, PHP etc. Although it is a matter of time, you will be able to have a good career only when you are fully recovered.

Graphic design is not just about learning web design. In addition to these jobs, there are many other categories of jobs in online marketplaces.


Digital marketing.                                                               

Email marketing.Video editing.
Content Writer.
Virtual Assistant.
Search engine optimization.
Affiliate Marketing
Drop shipping.
AutoCAD Designer.
3D rendering.

You can learn graphics design, web design as well as these tasks. A freelancer can do a variety of things. It seems that after learning web design but not getting a job, now if you have any idea of digital marketing or know the job then you can do that job.

4. What is the monthly income of a graphic designer?

A professional graphic designer can earn a minimum of 1000 1000 a month. You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business.

5. What experiences do you need to learn graphic design from scratch?

You know nothing about graphics design. But what experience is required if you want to learn graphics design from scratch? So let's not know-

You need to have a minimal idea about computers.
Learn how to use different types of browsers or the Internet.
You need to know about the software used in graphics design.
Learn how to gather information from the Internet.

And not to mention that you have to have enough knowledge in English. The reason is that the language used in computers is English. Moreover English is an important medium for exchanging information with people of different languages in different countries after you learn the job.
. How long does it take to learn graphics design?

So let's say friends don't know how long it can take to learn graphic design. If you regularly spend three to four hours. Hopefully it will take you at least two months to learn graphic design.

And if you are admitted to an institute, you can learn from them in the allotted time. Different organizations have different times. The Diploma in Graphics Design lasts for 3 months 6 months and 1 year.

How do I learn graphic design online?

If you want to learn graphic design online. Then you have to first select a few channels from YouTube. Channels are languages you can understand and find acceptable to you. Then you can find different types of websites. Who writes tutorials on graphics design and publishes videos regularly.

However, in my opinion, there are many channels on YouTube that have good quality content. You can learn graphic design by watching videos from them. After watching these videos, you will start playing copy paste with a good idea.

This means that with Google search, you will see all the types of designs that will come in front of you, try to create those designs. When you use a variety of tools to copy these designs, your graphics design will become easier for you.
Why learn graphic design?

Learning graphics design can have many purposes. However, some of the reasons why you should learn graphic design are-

Freelancing and outsourcing can be done.
Income can be earned by selling designs
Individuals have freedom.
There have been job opportunities.
It is in high demand at present.
The field of work in graphics design is constantly increasing.
Unlimited income can be made.
It is possible to develop your own talent.
Opportunity to work as a teacher
No need for higher education etc.

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